TA Prep is more than just a school. It’s an experience of excellence!

When students enter Takoma Academy Preparatory School, they are met with the vigor and vitality of a school community that is dedicated to their holistic experience. We nurture their faith, we develop their character, and we provide them with a high standard of academic excellence. We ignite their inner talents and abilities, accelerating potential to masterpiece, idea to innovation, and ordinary to extraordinary. Not only do they produce, they excel. They become Thinkers, Achievers, Peacemakers, and Servant Leaders who represent excellence and strive to honor God in all that they do.

Servant Leaders

We are an outstanding people delivering an outstanding service to our students. 

  • Our highly qualified and outstanding educators are dedicated to being the TA Prep Difference. They excel as an individual first, giving their best selves to their students and are invested in the high quality of their own classroom or assignment.
  • There is a high-level of collaboration and teamwork among staff members.
  • Our educators consistently receive high quality training and development, appreciation, motivation, and positive performance feedback. 
  • Staff assignments are strategically done to capitalize on their greatest strengths.

We have a high standard of academic excellence.

  • Students are fully prepared for high school graduating with a wealth of higher order comprehension.
  • Students are motivated to love learning, to produce work that reflects a high standard of excellence, and to be committed to their own personal achievement and success.
  • We have a robust and innovative curriculum designed to help students dive deeper into STEM and the Arts.
  • We partner with the high school to offer academic credits to seniors pursuing high school classes in the eighth grade.
  • We have small class sizes for more individualized reach to each student. 

We focus on the whole child.

  • We create a dynamic and engaging campus life for our students inspiring their inspiration and challenging them to think intellectually and to act politely.
  • We operate with a Christ-centered worldview focused on strong character values, service to the community, and honoring God in everything we do. 
  • We curate extracurricular activities and events outside of the classroom that promote creativity, discipline, leadership, teamwork, discipleship, build confidence and character, and allow students to engage with each other across campus.
  • Students care about their campus, have a strong school spirit, and engage in services to the school and wider community.
  • There is a culture of building friendships and providing mentorships to peers and younger students.
  • Students are respectful, organized, always cooperative, responsible and safe.
  • Students take pride in their appearance, demeanor, and personal standards.

We celebrate diversity.

  • We create initiatives to celebrate the diversity and cultural repertoire among our students giving them the experience of a wider world view and to welcome everyone as a child of God.  
  • We partner with community leaders to bring awareness to diversity and command a school wide initiative to respect everyone’s uniqueness and contribution to the TA Prep culture.

We establish and nurture strong partnerships and collaborations within our community. 

  • We partner with the high school and university to promote engagement and an educational community for our students.
  • Parents and churches participate in the development of our students and are advocates in fulfilling the ethos of our Christ-centered mission, vision, philosophy, and core values.

We invite you to experience the TA Prep Difference.

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