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Takoma Academy Preparatory School Virtual Summer Enrichment Programs July 13 – July 31 9:00 am - 12:00 pm Grades K - 8


  • Conversational Spanish

  • Creative Writing and Publishing

  • Arts and Crafts

  • Hands on Learning

  • Reading and Math Support

  • Virtual Book Clubs


Every Friday enjoy virtual Field Trips, Games, Lunch Bunches with Principal, Bible story time, and much more!

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Materials and Registration Costs

★ 1 class for 3 weeks = $75

★ 2 classes for 3 weeks = $150

★ 3 classes for 3 weeks = $225


Registration ends July 3!


Classes will be taught by Christian certified teachers, college and Master level graduates.


Description of Classes:


Out of the Box (3 - 5)

Dive into the Discovery Box and engage in a variety of activities. Your creativity, imagination, and learning will jump off each day through different themes such as Social Justice, I am Different, but it’s OK, The Salad Bowl of Diversity. We will work together to create a fun learning environment through reading, art, and discussions.


Round Table Talk (6-8)

Join our virtual interactive book club as we unfold and break down The Harlem Charade by Natasha Tarpley. Tarpley explores the life of three culturally diverse teens as they work together to impact and transform their community. Tarpley allows the readers to understand the way a community defines itself, the power of art to show truth, and what it really means to be home.


Pre-algebra (6 - 8)

Strengthen your understanding of math with our pre-algebra course. Here you will learn the basics of high school math. This will include but not limited to expressions, equations, and inequalities, graphing, factors and multiples, fractions, reading and interpreting data, exponents, radicals, and scientific notation.


Read-A-Thon Book Club (K - 2) (3 - 5)

Our Read-A-Thon Book Club is a fun and motivational club that helps drive kids into exploring as many books as possible while expanding their imagination. At the end of our 3 week adventure, there will be a prize for the top reader and explorer.


Study Skills and Test Taking Strategies (3 - 5)

This class will teach students in a fun way different ways to study and prepare for tests.


Adventures in Odyssey a Creative Writing Journey (6 - 8)

The Odyssey Writing Workshop will provide students the chance to go on an epic journey as they delve into the world of creative writing. Students will learn the building blocks of creating a coherent story, be equipped with writing techniques and advice on how to write such a body of work, discover their interest in creative writing, and ultimately write a short story that will be included in a published anthology.


Introduction to Spanish (K - 2) (3 - 5)

It’s never too early to begin learning another language and broaden your worldview! In this class you will be introduced to the Spanish language in a fun and interactive way. We will learn basic Spanish words and vocabulary such as greetings, introductions, common phrases, objects, numbers, colors, and more. We will also explore the many cultures that speak Spanish around the world.


Paint, Draw, Create (3 - 5)

This three-week course has been developed to encourage students to explore and express themselves through various art media. Students will be introduced to color theory, color harmony, and the context of how colors are used. Additionally, students will develop art projects that incorporate watercolors, acrylic paint, collage, sketching, and much more.


Math Munchers (K - 2)

Students will explore foundational mathematics skills in real world applications.


Moving with Math (3 - 5)

Students will put their mathematics skills to use through fun activities and challenges.