Faculty and Staff

Tuition & Fee Schedule

  • A summary worksheet including tuition, fees and estimated Before / After School charges is prepared for each family. It makes adjustments for tuition assistance and subsidy income expected from certain churches and employers.
  • Parents / guardians may choose to pay the full annual tuition and fees due by August 1st or semi-annually (first payment due August 1st and second payment due December 30th.)
  • All tuition payment by installment is handled through the FACTS Tuition Payment Plan. The FACTS Tuition Payment Plan is a very flexible plan that allows you to include all fees, except the registration fee which must be paid in advance. It allows you to pay tuition and fees in 10 or 11 installments, beginning on August 5th or 20th. Families who wish to take advantage of this method of tuition payment must complete a one-page FACTS agreement form and approve the summary worksheet.

Please contact info@taprep.org | 301-422-3858 for additional information.