New Student Admissions

Thank you for inquiring about Takoma Academy Preparatory School. Early application is recommended as we limit class sizes to enhance the learning experience.

We recognize that each child is unique, with special qualities and needs. Our goal is to help them each find their individual path to reaching their full potential. Accordingly, we subscribe to the Seventh-day Adventist church’s educational philosophy, which is based on a developmental approach to learning. It entails the assessment and class placement of each child through formal testing and observation, as well as letters of recommendation. Each child’s developmental (social, emotional, physical, and academic) and chronological ages are considered.

Admission Requirements

  1. Children entering Kindergarten must be five (5) by or on September 1.
  2. Parents/guardians wishing to enroll their child[ren] should complete an online application.
  3. Once all the completed forms are returned, a date is set for testing. Depending on the age of the student, one of the following tests will be administered:
    • Kindergarten: the Gesell Test for Development Assessment is given during school hours at the beginning of the school year.
    • Second through Eighth grade: the Wide Achievement Test (WRAT) and the STAR Computerized Comprehension Assessment.
  4. While awaiting the results, please submit the following:
    • immunization records;
    • information about any medical condition(s) or restriction(s);
    • consent to medical treatment;
    • birth certificate;
    • application and policy commitment forms;
    • a copy of a transferring student's last two complete report cards or some valid indicator of the student's last grade placement.
  5. The Admissions Committee will review the test results and send a letter of acceptance or denial. This process may take two or more business days, depending on how quickly the applying parent(s) are able to submit the required documents to the school.
  6. Parents of all new students as well as those admitted to Kindergarten and Grades One, Four, and Seven, must, within two weeks of acceptance and enrollment, provide official documentary evidence of the child having undergone a recent (within 1 year of application) physical examination.

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