Academics- Under Construction


Focusing on the “whole child”
TA Prep offers important components that public and secular schools either cannot or will not offer: A Christian education, character development, and an equal focus on mind, body, and spirit. In addition to exemplary academics, we offer a well-rounded program that includes the following:


Our music program includes a handbell choir, chime choir, treble choir, and a steel drum ensemble. Selection for membership in these groups is by audition. This variety allows the students to explore their abilities and acquire new skills, and the interactive nature of music education helps the students learn to work as a team while fostering their personal development.


Our athletics focus includes basketball and soccer. Exercise and teamwork are crucial lessons in a healthy environment, so we offer regular physical education classes and sports. These activities also allow the students to learn about the importance of exercise and the role that fitness can play in a balanced life.


We believe in the importance of children learning a second language from an early age. Students in Kindergarten through Fourth grade receive Spanish instruction on a weekly basis. Students in Fifth through Eighth grades receive Spanish instruction one class period a week in small, individualized groups. The goal is to familiarize students with the Spanish culture, traditions, and language. Activities include vocabulary development, conversation, songs, and audio-visual material interaction.

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